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Have Questions? Please give us a call at (323)-433-1540
Have Questions? Please give us a call at (323)-433-1540

Filtral UVC

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Product Weighs: 4.0 lb

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Atlantic Oase's all-in-one in Filtral UVC pond filters has an integrate pump and filtration with a decorative appearance. The OASE Filtral UVC multifunctional complete solution combines mechanical, biological and Ultraviolet filtration with multiple nozzle options and aeration (800 & 1600 only) to keep small ponds crystal clear, guaranteed. Enjoy a tubeless, free standing filter solution with a 5" telescoping water fountain nozzle. Comes in three different sizes including the Filtral 400, 800, and 1600. 

Product Desciptions

  • All-in-one pond filter that integrates pump and filtration
  • Utilizes ultraviolet, biological, and mechanical filtration to keep small ponds crystal clear.
  • Pivoting telescoping nozzle extends 5"
  • Qualifies for the OASE Clear Water Guarantee